My LHS Story

My LHS Story update – Dave Spragg

Note: Sadly, our good friend and supporter Dave Spragg passed away in 2016. It’s Been 10 Months since my last confession. 20 November 2015 Well

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My LHS Story – Steve Webster

As we gear up to recruiting more potential bone marrow donors at Isle of Wight Festival this weekend (weather permitting, we’re hoping for another 500+

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My LHS Story – The Johnstons

June 8th 2010  was the day we first climbed Snowdon with a group of strangers, June 20th 2015 will be the fifth time but this time probably with some of the same strangers, but ...

My LHS Story – Dave Parry

From the age of 16, I think, is when I first caught sight of who were to become the Alarm, they were called Seventeen at the time and regularly used ...

My LHS Story update – Dave Spragg

It's been four months since my last confession. 15 Feb 2015 So after having a particular encouraging couple of months as mentioned in my last update a dark cloud began to ...

My LHS Story Update – Dave Spragg

28 October 2014 It's been 5 months since my last confession and as always what a roller coaster ride the last 5 months have been. At the end of my last ...

Dave Spragg’s Story

Dear Everyone, As we approach Snowdon Rocks, it seemed fitting to include an updated story from LHS Volunteer & Alarm fan, Dave Spragg. As most of you know from previous posts, ...

My LHS Story – Ian Melton

My name is Ian, I’m a mid forties self employed computer engineer that has seen mine and friends lives touched by cancer. Last year I decided to take part in ...

My LHS Story – Dave Spragg

Many of you will be familiar with the series of 'My Alarm Story'  and 'My Love Hope Strength Story" I invite you to read Alarm fan and LHS volunteer, Dave Spragg's ...

My LHS Story – Beth Owen-Booth

On Saturday October 26th I will be taking off my fake eyelashes, hair extensions and maybe even my fake bake to run my first marathon, a demanding and spectacular route, ...

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