459 Donors Recruited

69274_10151274382631879_2092387694_nLove Hope Strength Foundation (in partnership with Delete Blood Cancer), is delighted to announce that an incredible 459 potentially lifesaving donors were recruited onto the UK bone marrow registry because of the new ‘Get On The List’ UK bone marrow donor drive initiative launched on The Alarm – Vinyl UK Tour.

All of us at Love Hope Strength both here in the UK and the USA have worked long and hard to get the swab testing into the UK and to be able to register people from 17 to 55 years of age, so it was a very exciting moment for Love Hope Strength Foundation at the first ‘Get On The List’ cheek swab bone marrow drive
in the UK at Bournemouth. In fact, co-founder Mike Peters himself ended up singing before the gig at the LHS booth before he had even taken to the stage with The Alarm!!

During The Alarm tour, fans and members of The Alarm including James Stevenson, Craig Adams and Smiley joined the list to potentially become a life savers.  Our first person to GET ON THE LIST, was super volunteer, Jackie Collins.  We also met Joe, the venue manager at the Oxford Academy, who had recently been a match and successful donated his bone marrow.

486089_10151296832121879_1430732778_nA huge thank you to all LHS  volunteers including Jackie Collins; Stuart Ling; Barry Gray; Sarah Jones; Justin Procknow; Jon Nash; Amanda Nash; Yvonne; Al Harley, Susanne Smith Swales; Sue Quayle; Sue Owens;
Sara Diana Williams; Jason Williams; Mark Bristow; Mark Roberts, Jean Proctor; Ian Francis; Lydia Franklin; Simon Bevan; Simon Jones; Simon Wall; Nikki Wall; Alison Twist; Fiona Barclay; Les Smith; Sharon Smith; Mick Willcox; Amanda Willcox; Sam Greenley; Andy Greenley; Doug Watson; Kerstin Watson; Jo Fraser; Caroline Fraser; Gordon Mckinaly; Dave Jennings; Johny Lampitt, Hev Lampitt; Steve Pretlove; Amanda Midsummer, Steve Webster.  A huge thank you also to MP’s Chris Ruane, Mark Tami and the team at DKMS (Delete Blood Cancer), for helping to bring this initiative into the UK.

More photos are available on our facebook page www.facebook.com/lhsuk


Someone is diagnosed with blood cancer in the UK every 18 minutes.  

Every 10 minutes blood cancer takes a life somewhere in the world.

For many blood cancer patients, a stem cell donation from a healthy person is their only chance of survival, but only half of the people diagnosed in the UK find a matching donor.

The only chance of survival for people who have been diagnosed with a blood cancer, and for whom conventional treatments such as chemotherapy and radiotherapy have proven ineffective is to find a stem cell donor. The odds of finding someone are often very slim.

Working in partnership with Delete Blood Cancer we want to help them to increase the number of potential stem cell donors in the UK to provide people who have been diagnosed with blood cancer a second chance of life. We believe that no one who is in need of a stem cell donor should die needlessly because one cannot be found.

199106_10151296831816879_1754097974_nIf you are unable to attend one of our donor drives on a tour please visit  and you can register and sign up via the post and please on the pull down list of where you found out about registering, say that Love Hope Strength Foundation sent you.  Thank you.

Next donor drives will be on the Big Country UK Tour starting in Glasgow, please visit the stall, GET ON THE LIST and found out how you can help Love Hope Strength Foundation in other ways.

Let’s see if we can get over 1000 donors on the bone marrow register – its easy and takes about five minutes with a simple cheek swab and GET ON THE LIST.