Corporate Partners

Employee Fundraising

Put some fun in fundraising and a great way to share pride and common goals and promote goodwill to your staff, suppliers, customers and organisation.  Why not run a fundraising event at your work place on behalf of Love Hope Strength Foundation.

Here is a list of fundraising ideas to get you started:

Cake Bake Sale – Why not organise for all your colleagues to make cakes for the office to sell for a tasty treat and all.  A delicious way to raise funding for Love Hope Strength Foundation.

Charity Raffles – A popular workplace fundraising idea by selling tickets for a pound and holding a draw to give away the prizes.

Dress Down Day/Fancy Dress Day/Wear Green For The Day  – Schedule a dress down day and workers who wish to take part pay a small donation, usually a pound to be allowed to wear their own clothes into work.  Why not create even more exciting in the office environment by allowing workers to come in costume and run a competition for the best fancy dress competition at lunchtime.  Wear Green For The Day and wear our charity colour for the day.

Complete a Team Challenge Event – Take part in an organised event for example a dragon boat race, running, swimming or walking event or create your own team challenge event at work, for example football,golf,  lunchtime games or sport inter-team event.

Spot the Baby Competition – Collect baby photos from your colleagues and put them up on a noticeboard and ask your colleagues to guess the identities for a small fee.  The winner wins a prize for the most correct guesses.

There are a huge ways of having fun in fundraising and be creative in your fundraising in the workplace.

Even if you are not in a position to do fundraising events in the office, why not go around with a donation bucket and tell your work colleagues about Love Hope Strength Foundation.

Fundraising can be a lot of fun but make sure you but please make sure you get proper permission first.   Keep the organisation well-informed of what you plan to do and finally remember to have fun, enjoy the team spirit and raise money for a good cause.

If you need further help with your corporate fundraising ideas please contact us.

Match Giving  

If you are taking part in a sponsored event, your company may be able to make a donation to match your fundraising contribution.

Payroll Giving

A simple and tax efficient way for you to donate regularly to Love Hope Strength Foundation directly from your salary.  It is quick, easy and inexpensive to put into place and you donate as much or as little as you want.