What We Do


Love Hope Strength is now firmly established as the world’s leading rock and roll cancer foundation.  Love Hope Strength Foundation was registered as a charity in 2007, and co-founded by Mike Peters, two-times cancer survivor and internationally acclaimed singer of Welsh rock band The Alarm.

Love Hope Strength Foundation as a charity promotes innovative, music related, outreach and awareness programmes for leukemia and cancer sufferers, survivors and their families.

The mission is to save lives, right now, with the advances that have already been made in cancer care. We do not fund cancer research, rather we use our funds to purchase medical equipment and supplies, raise awareness through special events, documentaries and media, build cancer centers and  raises awareness and recruits potential donors to the organ and bone marrow registers.

Since it’s formation the LHSF foundation has taken many prominent musicians and celebrities to some of the highest places on earth taking the message of love, hope and strength to those who do not have access to the same medical treatments, care and facilities as experienced by many of us here in the west.

In 2007 we hosted the world’s highest concert on land at 18,500 feet on Mt. Everest which was witnessed by over 3 million people on the internet and by many more via the MTV commissioned documentary ‘Everest Rocks’. Events throughout the world include numerous UK fundraising treks including Snowdon, as well as to the roof of Africa at the summit of Kilimanjaro and to the land of the rising sun for a dawn concert atop Mt. Fuji, Japan. Funds raised have enabled us to install the first ever Mammography Machine at Bhaktapur Cancer Centre in Kathmandu and build a Children’s Cancer Unit in Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania and funding cancer projects within the UK.

Now firmly established as the world’s leading rock and roll cancer foundation, Love Hope Strength has been endeavouring to encourage as many people as possible to sign up for the International Bone Marrow Registry.

Since 2010, we have been hosting donor drives at concerts and festivals across the globe and lobbying at Government level to unify the way adults are allowed to ‘get on the list’. So far, we have been able to register over 15,000 individuals to the registry and find over 85 lifesaving matches at venues throughout the UK and USA, from the music fans during gigs, who have become donors for those with Leukaemia who would otherwise be denied the chance of life. Throughout, we have been raising awareness about the new non invasive, pain free techniques that enable donors to give without having their own lives interrupted or disturbed.

We will continue to raise awareness during tours and would welcome your support.

Mike Talking about Love Hope Strength in 2007