Become part of Love Hope Strength: Volunteer, share your ideas, or organise your own events and activities

There are lot of ways you make a difference through Love Hope Strength:

  • Volunteer to help people Get On The List. The Get On The List programme www.lovehopestrength.co.uk/get-on-the-list¬†went online only from March 2020, but Love Hope Strength is working with DKMS to re-establish Get On The List at festivals and gigs from summer 2022, so volunteers will once again be able to encourage people in person to get swabbed to become a potential blood stem cell donor
  • During the pandemic some Love Hope Strength volunteers thought creatively about how they could encourage people to register online to Get On The List, organising digital and mailing campaigns in their workplaces. Would you be interested in doing that?
  • Encourage others to take part in a 21 Day Challenge with you www.lovehopestrength.co.uk/the-love-hope-strength-21-day-challenge
  • Register your interest to be involved in developing the Love Hope Strength support programme for people diagnosed with cancer.
  • Share your ideas of how you want to make a difference in your local area or beyond. Love Hope Strength supporters have successfully set up Walk and Talk groups, matched funding schemes and events series in the name of Love Hope Strength. Do you want to do something similar?

If you want to register as a volunteer, share an idea or organise your own event, please email contact@lovehopestrength.co.uk or call 07779165404.