The Love Hope Strength 21 Day Challenge

A message from Love Hope Strength co-founders, Mike and Jules Peters:
“Did you know that to form a good habit you should do something every day for 21 days in a row? 21 days of repeated task completion has apparently long been recognised as the length of time that is needed for someone to establish a positive habit. We’ve spoken to lots of people who have taken on bad habits during lockdown or as a result of this challenging year (haven’t we all?), and we’re determined to help encourage as many people as we can to take up a new positive habit. This is why we are launching the Love Hope Strength 21 Day Challenge on Giving Tuesday, 1st December. 
“The World Cancer Research Fund has published its cancer prevention recommendations which are relevant to everyone, including people who have received a cancer diagnosis, and these lie at the heart of the Love Hope Strength 21 Day Challenge. Be a healthy weight, move more, avoid high-calorie foods, limit alcoholic drinks. Some people may already follow these recommendations; if you do then you may want to take up something else that fits with improving your wellbeing. The New Economics Foundation carried out research and developed the five ways to wellbeing: be active, connect, take notice, learn, give. Rather than focusing on being more active or eating more healthily, you may want to: send a letter to a different loved one every day, visit a new place in your neighbourhood every day, do a crossword or sudoku, or donate to help others every day. 
“Anyone could really take on the Love Hope Strength 21 Day Challenge at any time of the year, but we have chosen to start the challenge on Giving Tuesday for two main reasons. One, it offers anyone taking part the chance to do something communal and good through Advent; if everyone that takes part donates a small amount every day of the challenge, together we can make big things happen. It’s all about positive change: We change our own lives a little, we donate ‘small change’, and together we help make a change for families affected by cancer. Two, because it’s starting on 1st December, it’s a great way to detox before the Christmas period!
“We’ve decided to do yoga every day from 1st to 21st December for the Love Hope Strength 21 Day Challenge. We enjoy yoga, but often don’t make the time to do it daily, and we’d like to. Yoga will help us be active, but as it gives us time for reflection it will also help us to ‘take notice’. We hope you’ll join us in taking part in the Love Hope Strength 21 Day Challenge.”
You do not have to donate / raise money to take part in the 21 Day Challenge. The main aim is to help share important health and wellbeing messages. If can you donate, all’s the better – change your life to help someone else’s! If you and a friend, relative or colleague take part as a team and you both donate £6 a day, you’ll raise over £250 together. All teams that raise over £250 for the 21 Day Challenge will receive a Love Hope Strength 21 Day Challenge t-shirt. All money raised will be matched £ for £, $ for $ through the Beauchamp matched funding scheme.    
What will your Love Hope Strength 21 Day Challenge be? 
Register now to take part in the Love Hope Strength 21 Day Challenge. Email with your name and what you plan to do for 21 Days, and include the details of anyone else that wants to take part with you.