500 signed on Declaration Tour

The LHS booth traveled the country on every show of the UK leg of the recent Declaration Tour and we are pleased to announce that over 500 got on the list. We would like to thank every one of you that signed up, taking 5 minutes of your time, to potentially save a life.

Also thanks go to the team of volunteers that took time out to sign everyone up.

Thank you  Sue Owens, Dave Spragg, Dave Jennings, Ian Melton, Steve Webster, Fiona Wyeth, Jamial Shad, Sara Diana Williams, Di Gill, Graeme Robert Knowles, Jo Fraser, Caroline Fraser, Kristine Smith, Ashley Gray, Simon Wall, Nikki Wall, Jon Martin, Rupert Todd, Lou Thorpe, Peter Bucknell, Emma Dunne, Jean Proctor, Ian Francis, Rob Hurst, Ross English, Richard Fitzgerald, Jon Slack, Mark Bristow, Dave Anderson, Marion Brandon, Brian Mcintyre, Brian Finnie, Roy Smith, Vanessa Smith, Jayne O’Connor and Chris Barnes!

And thanks to our lead volunteer Lydia Franklin….without whom….

Did you sign up on the ‘Declaration Tour’?, maybe you feature in our hall of fame!

Keighley and Wrexham
Derby, Neath, Ebbw Vale and Cardiff
Birmingham, Sheffield, Islington and Bristol
Preston and Exeter
York, Otley, Manchester and Newcastle