BBC Documentary – BBC1

he inspiring BBC documentary everyone is talking about, is having a deserved network screening on BBC ONE all across the nation on Tuesday 13th June at 10:45 (Straight after the BBC’s main news programmes).

The 60 minute film – Mike and Jules : While We Still Have Time, features U2’s Bono talking about his lifelong friendship with The Alarm’s lead singer Mike Peters and wife Jules, and their strength as they stand together in the face of individual cancer struggles.

Mike has Leukaemia and Jules has breast cancer.

This is a rock and roll story unlike any other, as it takes you from the shock of discovery into the very heart of what a man and woman must endure to survive cancer and stay alive.

Together, they take on the challenge of surgery and chemotherapy in the face of near insurmountable odds, all the while juggling the demands of a young family, touring commitments on both sides of the Atlantic, and saving the lives of others through their charity Love Hope Strength that hosts fund raising concerts on mountains and ‘Get On The List’ cheek swab drives at music festivals and concerts in the UK / USA.

To date Love Hope Strength has registered over 150,000 people to the bone marrow donor list and with Mike and Jules at the helm, played a part in helping to save over 3,500 lives throughout the globe.

This incredible story was first shown regionally on BBC Wales, and almost immediately shot into the ‘national’ BBC iPlayer Top 20 (unprecedented for a program that has not been screened on the Network).

The social media response has been off the charts too, with the word of mouth spreading and continuing to grow through Facebook, Twitter and Instagram alike.

It is this phenomenal response which has led to a national BBC One broadcast on Tuesday, 13th June at 22.45.

The making of this BBC documentary literally saved the life of Jules and by screening it to a national audience, it may well play a part in saving the lives of countless other women like her.

The BBC documentary “Mike and Jules : While We Still Have Time” will be broadcast on BBC 1 on Tuesday 13 June 2017 at 22:45.

Go to the iPlayer now and see The Alarm recorded live at the 25th Anniversary Gathering, Venue Cymru in North Wales earlier this year.

While making a TV documentary about a year in the life of the rock singer from Rhyl, Mike Peters of The Alarm, his wife Jules makes a terrifying discovery – a lump in her breast. An urgent visit to the doctor confirms that a mammogram is needed, and she expects the worst. The couple decide to keep making the documentary and the resulting film turns out to be very different to what was originally planned – a powerful and honest story of a woman with breast cancer, and her personal journey through diagnosis, surgery and treatment.

The couple are no strangers to cancer. The previous summer, husband Mike relapsed for a third time, 20 years after first being diagnosed. The chemotherapy was no longer working, and his doctor at Ysbyty Gwynedd in Bangor fought to get him on a revolutionary new drug. So if anyone can deal with cancer, Jules says they’re probably the best couple to do so. But with a US trip planned and several other commitments in the calendar, will they now have to sacrifice their busy rock ‘n’ roll lifestyle and the charity work they love? With contributions from close family friends, including U2’s Bono, who says: ‘Jules is a jewel – and she’s precious – I know she’s going to pull through’.