Ben Nevis Rocks 3

Saturday, 14 June 2014.

Ben Nevis is the highest mountain in Britain, rising 1,344 metres (4,406 ft) above sea level around the hills and Monroes of the Scottish Highlands.  The route up and down Ben Nevis is about nine miles in total and we will be climbing via the  ‘Mountain Track’ or the ‘Tourist Track’.  Details of the walk can be found here

The registration Fee is £20 per person
 and you can register via the events page  and then select to pay via PAYPAL (after clicking the ‘Send Your Booking’ option). It is not necessary to have a PAYPAL account, you can complete the process as a guest using your credit/debit card.

Getting Sponsors
Sponsorship and Gift Aid Declaration Form can be downloaded to collect sponsor money. Alternatively, it easy and convenient to setup a JustGiving page, whereby any sponsorship money goes direct from your sponsors to Love Hope Strength. Go to this webpage and click on “Fundraise for us”, following the setup instructions. You can then share your page via email and/or Facebook.

The Walk
The normal time taken to climb to the top by the tourist path is three and a half to five hours – coming down is much faster, between one and a half to two and a half hours.

Although this is a physically challenging event, it will be a hugely rewarding personal experience that we would like you to be a part of. Everyone should attempt to conquer Ben Nevis at least once in their lifetime!!.

Photos from Ben Nevis Rocks 2013
Photos from Ben Nevis Rocks 2012

Please note we are limited to 200 places.  A Sponsorship and Gift Aid Declaration Form can be downloaded, and you can register by filling in the form on the registration page.

Ben Nevis Rocks raises money which will go to cancer projects in the Scottish Highlands area and towards our new ‘Get On the List’ campaign, which will be recruiting bone marrow donors to the register using the swab technique.  The event will feature music at all stages by Mike Peters, and there will be informal gatherings before and after the event at a local hotel.

For further details or information please contact LHS at or telephone 07814 404877.

Please come and join us this year, to help us ‘Save Lives – One Concert At A Time’