Christmas Message 2019 from Mike and Jules Peters

Christmas time is always full of wonder of what’s to come. It’s also a great time to reflect on times gone by, raise a toast to loved ones and celebrate collective achievements.

As we all prepare to enter a new decade, we’d like to celebrate Love Hope Strength’s achievements over the past 10 years:

Thanks to its many supporters, volunteers and partner organisations in the USA and UK, Love Hope Strength has now registered 214,070 potential life savers onto international blood stem cell donation registries.

Love Hope Strength has organised over 6,000 donor drives to encourage people to get on the list.

Thanks to Love Hope Strength, 5097 potentially life saving matches have been found. Amazingly, 536 people have so far been given a second chance of life thanks to Love Hope Strength.

This year Mike was awarded an MBE, thanks to the collective efforts of everyone involved in Love Hope Strength. Love Hope Strength organised some life affirming events and all who participated in them deserve a huge thank you: the Welsh 3,000s; Snowdonia & Zip World Rocks; Iceland Rocks.

Over $100,000 was raised in 2019 in the name of LHS to support cancer services in the UK, the USA and in underprivileged communities overseas. And plans continue to be put in place to develop new and existing partnerships, organise new events including Sahara Rocks and the Snowdon Rocks Weekender, and set up new support projects and fundraising activities so Love Hope Strength can continue to save and change lives.

As raise a glass this Christmas to those who are no longer with us and all those who have all made a significant difference this decade, and thank our NHS here in the UK and all the healthcare and emergency services across the globe, we’ll also be thinking of all those who so need love hope, strength and positive news in their lives.

Thank you to everyone who has played a part in Love Hope Strength’s achievements to date.

Merry Christmas 2019!

Here’s to another decade of life saving action, life changing activity and giving hope to people affected by cancer!