Holiday Greetings to the LHS family

Holiday Greetings to our Love Hope Strength Family

It’s been a momentous year for Love Hope Strength culminating with a very successful participation in the World Cancer Congress in Australia in the first part of December.

As ever, we are indebted to the support of all our patrons, sponsors, fundraisers and volunteers for allowing us the opportunity to continue our mission of spreading Love Hope and Strengthacross the globe.

At this time of year, our first thoughts go out to all those members of our extended LHS family who are currently in hospital or at home with loved ones battling to stay alive against the disease we are all united against.

It is with Love Hope and Strength that we stand together in all the ways we have at our disposal to meet our common foe head on.

Our Cancer Centre support programs continue to make progress and in January 2015 a team of LHS supporters and musicians will head to Africa for Kilimanjaro Rocks 2 to climb the mountain and raise funds to further the development of our Love Hope Strength children’s Cancer Centre in Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania that is now being managed by our former U.S. Executive Director Shannon Foley-Henn and her husband Jeremy.

Our ‘LHS On Tour’ Nurses team also went to Africa in 2015 and raised $78,000 for paediatric oncology in Tanzania. In 2015, they will be heading to the Phillipines to teach, bring supplies, and purchase a vehicle to get the kids from the cancer hospital to the radiation treatment center.

In the U.K. our annual events on Mt. Snowdon and Ben Nevis are making a huge difference for cancer patients in the U.K. and we have just launched the By Your Side appeal in partnership with NHS UK charity Awyr Glas / Blue Skies and already raised over £100,000 some of which has already been deployed in building and redeveloping one of the main cancer wards in North Wales.

For 2015 in the U.S. we will be launching the patient pillowcases and holiday gift bags program that will be delivered to Oncology floors on a national scale. We already have volunteers in Colorado, Texas and New York to make and deliver them and we are on the lookout for volunteers everywhere to help us in all 50 States.

Our Get On The List campaign (in partnership with Delete Blood Cancer), in both the U.S. and U.K. has achieved spectacular results in 2014 and a huge thanks to everyone who has participated in our mission to save lives one concert at a time.

Our 2014 Milestones:

  • 34,000 new individuals signed on to the GOTL campaign, bringing TOTAL number of registrants to over 100,000
  • Number of new matches – 501.
  • LHS attended over 40 major music festivals
  • LHS went on tour with 42 bands and hosted donor drives at over 400 individual concerts and events
  • TOTAL number of matches to date – 1,294

Since LHS was represented at the World Cancer Congress 2014, we have had enquiries from people and organisations the world over, including Bangladesh, Spain, Cambodia and Malaysia all desperate for us to support them with the kind of programs Love Hope Strength has initiated since the charity began in 2007.

We want to help as much as we can but can’t do what we do without funding so please help us in any way you can.

As Love Hope Strength expands, anything you do to support us, no matter how small or large, will help make a difference and in 2015 there will be more ways for you to participate and support.

Volunteer, spend time with a cancer patient, run a marathon, climb a mountain, make a pillowcase or grow a beard in “Januhairy” to support one of our forthcoming initiatives for 2015.

Donate to our mission today

All proceeds will be gratefully received and put to good use, allowing Love Hope Strength to engage with cancer both at home and abroad, and help give all cancer patients a fighting chance to stay alive.

From all of us at Love Hope Strength Foundation we wish you health and happiness for 2015.

Stay Alive

Holiday Greetings