Life Support Day

Friday July 16th 2010

Mike Peters of Welsh rock and roll band The Alarm joined forces with Barclays Bank in Queen Street, Cardiff to host the first ever Barclays Life Support Day in partnership with what is now the world’s leading rock and roll cancer charity Love Hope Strength Foundation which was co-founded in Wales by Mike Peters (himself a two times cancer survivor), in 2007.

This ground breaking coalition between rock and roll and high street commerce aims to impart cancer awareness amongst Barclays customers and members of the general public as they go about their daily business. “Cancer is the world’s biggest killer” says Mike, “and as such people are often afraid to talk about the BIG C or to come forward with a question about a symptom they don’t understand. I hope that by taking cancer awareness out of the hospital and on to the high street via Barclays, we can break down some of the myths about cancer and show people that by putting up a fight there is hope of survival in more and more cases”.

Peter Vickery – Regional Director, Wales & West of Barclays says “People come to Barclays because they trust the security of our bank and hopefully with this new partnership with Love Hope Strength then we as a bank can show our customers that as well as their financial well being, we care about their long term health and safety too.  This is a fantastic eample of how Barclays supports the communities we operate in”.