Love Hope Strength UK Cancer Support Grant Scheme

The Love Hope Strength Foundation has long supported National Health Service (NHS) cancer services through providing funding for additional equipment, new facilities and extra support programmes. Having working closely with healthcare professionals to identify what patients and service users need, the Love Hope Strength trustees recognise that clinicians in different wards, hospitals, services and regions all have different suggestions of what is most required, and what will have the biggest impact on patients and their families.

Over the years, a number of Love Hope Strength supporters have shared examples of excellent care and treatment across the UK. Now, Love Hope Strength wants to give supporters the opportunity to steer the delivery of the Foundation’s cancer support grant scheme.

How can you get involved so cancer services in your area can benefit from money raised for the Love Hope Strength Foundation? It’s as easy as 1, 2, 3!

  1. You nominate a cancer ward, centre, hospital or community service that you would like to benefit from funding. You will need to complete the below nomination form in order to do this.
  2. Love Hope Strength will contact the cancer ward, centre, hospital or community service, or the NHS Charity which serves NHS Trust or Health Board to explain that they have been nominated for a grant. The team from the nominated service will need to complete a grant application form to request funding of up to £5,000. The NHS team will be encouraged to consider how the grant could be used to help reduce the equity gap in access to one of the following: cancer education, cancer care and cancer treatment. The grants can be used to fund: special projects, additional equipment and new facilities.
  3. The Love Hope Strength Cancer Support Grant Scheme will review and prioritise applications quarterly. Need, impact, and location will all be considered in the prioritisation process.

Nominate your local cancer ward, centre, hospital or community service now: