Match funding up to $50,000

*The Love Hope Strength Match – every £1 given to the Love Hope Strength Foundation between now and World Cancer Day will be doubled by the Beauchamp Family Foundation*

A message from Love Hope Strength Foundation co-founders, Mike and Jules Peters.

“2020 has been a difficult year for everyone. We are being forced to change plans and adapt, we can’t gather together as we normally would, having to consider risks we never thought we would and we are all facing very unexpected challenges. Love Hope Strength was already changing and for over 18 months we have been working closely with healthcare professionals and potential strategic partners to determine the future of the Love Hope Strength Foundations in the UK and the USA. The Covid-19 pandemic has accelerated some of our priorities and made us contemplate some of our greatest ambitions for Love Hope Strength.

“This year has shown that the message of Love Hope Strength is as relevant now than it ever was, and that the acts of support, giving and advocacy that have always underpinned Love Hope Strength are especially needed now. We have used some of the time over the past six months to better understand how the Foundation can best help people affected by cancer. We are indebted to the healthcare experts and sector leaders who have shared their thoughts and suggestions, and who have given us an insight into the global challenges surrounding cancer prevention and cancer control. We would also like to take this opportunity to thank all those who have shared their own experiences of caring, grief or living with a cancer diagnosis for their help in shaping the direction and vision of the Love Hope Strength Foundation.

“As you will know, through the years Love Hope Strength’s aim has been to harness music lovers’ support to ‘save lives, one concert at a time’. Over the past decade the focus of the foundation has been on raising money for equipment and support for cancer services and hospitals in the UK, USA and in underprivileged communities across the globe. Over £1 million has been raised in the name of Love Hope Strength during this time. Love Hope Strength’s priority has also been on registering potential blood stem cell donors on to partner organisation DKMS’ blood stem cell donor registries. To date LHS has registered almost 250,000 people to international stem cell donor registries. Approximately 4,500 of those who’ve registered have been identified as potentially life saving matches, and this number is rising.

“This year we don’t have concerts like we used to have, but we do have the essential ingredients to continue to save and change lives. Moving forward, at the heart of the Foundation that we established and that remains an absolute passion of ours is this:
1. Love: LHS will offer assistance for those that have had a cancer diagnosis
2. Hope: LHS will provide opportunities to help prevent cancer by sharing important messages around wellbeing
2. Strength: LHS will help people be resilient in the face of adversity

“We – us as co-founders and the Boards that oversee Love Hope Strength – are planning for the long term, but we also know that the support we can all collectively provide is crucial now. We recognise that, like all of us, cancer care is facing unprecedented challenges. We know that people receiving treatment in cancer centres and in the community in the UK, in the USA and across the globe need us to act now to help. We have for many years asked people to get on the list in case they are a match for someone with a blood cancer needing a life saving blood stem cell or bone marrow transplant. Over the next three months, we are asking you to match in a different way to help families affected by cancer.

“This incredibly generous Beauchamp Family Foundation is partnering with Love Hope Strength from today, World Breast Cancer Day, until World Cancer Day, February 4th 2021, to match fund every $1 and £1 (up to $50,000) that is raised in the UK and the USA. Every £1 or $1 raised or given to Love Hope Strength in the UK or the USA between now and February 4th 2021 will be doubled. You give £1, the Beauchamp Family Foundation.

“The Beauchamp Family Foundation is committed to the vision and mission of Love Hope Strength, and is determined to change and save lives… one matched dollar at a time. All money raised by people in the USA will support cancer projects in the USA, all money raised by people in the UK will support UK based projects, and the $50,000 match funding from the Beauchamp Family Foundation will support cancer programmes in some of the most underprivileged communities in other parts of the world.

“We have lots more to share over the next few weeks, but for now, please follow and support the journeys of the 22 people joining us for the Virtual Snowdonia Marathon over the next seven days. Together we will be running, walking (and perhaps crawling!) 628.80 miles between 10:30 tomorrow and Saturday 31st October.

“And please save these all important dates:
Giving Tuesday, 1st December, 2020
The Love Hope Strength Big Night In, 4th February 2021

“We would like to take this opportunity to thank the Beauchamp Family Foundation for the positivity and optimism that they are helping to share. Our hope is that over the next three months you will join with us and plan how you can be part of the Love Hope Strength Match to help make a lasting difference for families affected by cancer.”

*Every £1 or $1 given to the Love Hope Strength Foundation in the UK or the USA between now and February 4th 2021 World Cancer Day will be doubled by the Beauchamp Family Foundation, up to the value of $50,000. Love Hope Strength supporters raise $50,000 and the Beauchamp Family Foundation will give a further $50,000.*