My LHS Story – Ian Melton

My name is Ian, I’m a mid forties self employed computer engineer that has seen mine and friends lives touched by cancer. Last year I decided to take part in Snowdon Rocks and as a result was inspired by the force of nature that is Mike Peters, on the day I was fortunate enough to meet some amazing people – I cannot stress to anyone what a fantastic experience this day is. That day in September I weighed in at 23 stone, I resolved the next day to do something about the sorry state I had allowed myself to get into and also to try to raise money for LHS at the same time which is how I ended up signing up to walk the 100km from London to Brighton on the 24th May 2014.

Ian Melton

On the back of my new found enthusiasm I also signed up as a volunteer for LHS and swabbed at several dates on the Declaration tour or should I say Journey this was also an amazing experience and an opportunity to share my enthusiasm for this cause, there are so many people that have inspired and encouraged me along the way, those of particular note are Lydia, Sue, Dave Spragg, Dave Jennings, Jamial and of course Mike Peters to name but a few.

So here I am 5 stone lighter at 18 stone and about to embark on a mad mission to walk 100km in hopefully less than a day in one hit, it will be hard and if I can raise just a little bit more for LHS that will be great, I have a few other daft ideas up my sleeve including Snowdon again, a 100mile bike ride round Anglesey and if I keep on improving my fitness would love to try something like Blackpool tower to the Eiffel tower (suggestions on a postcard please).

Everyone seems to have an Alarm story, seeing as I’m new to the Alarm my story is still on chapter one but here is one about my little sister, while still in college 85/86, at the age of 16 she desperately wanted to see some band at Deeside leisure centre so she approached her bank and took out a loan to hire a coach from Amlwch and buy a load of tickets to sell to friends in order to cover her costs, that band was of course the Alarm !

If anyone wants to donate the link is