My LHS Story – Stuart Crowther

Not sure where to start!! Every Alarm fan knows what Jules and Mike have been through and when I did Ben Nevis Rocks last year I felt I could have given more, especially when it came to the donations I sought after. So when BNR2 came up that was it. I persuaded a friend to walk the West Highland Way with me (96 miles in 5 days) and then up the Ben, and here we are with less than 2 weeks to go until our adventure and no doubt pain begins.

Until recently I had never personally been affected by cancer. However now within the space of 6 weeks I have had two family members diagnosed and today I found out that the friend I am doing the walk with, his mother has also been diagnosed. So basically you never really are sure what’s round the corner.

I hope what we are doing inspires one other person to do something for the LHS foundation; if it does well then I really have achieved more than what I set out to do. I will be carrying the LHS flag on my trek (kindly dispatched by Dave Sprag whom I owe a beer!!) so if anyone sees me and feels the urge to donate then please feel free to do so.

Stuart Crowther