My LHS Story – Sue, Becca and Nigel

Whilst at the gathering 20,we came across the LHS stand, and reading about Mike’s fight with this disease,  this inspired us to organise our first ever charity event .  We decided this was something we could all do  as a family.  Upon deciding to register for Snowdon Rocks 2012, Susan set about asking Asda to get involved with the fundraisng and we arranged to go instore at Asda Old Fold Gateshead to pack customers bags ,and Asda also kindly organised a tombola in which they donated all gifts.  Myself Sue.and Becca were instore for 2 consecutive weekends. We also purchased a Gateshead FC shirt , which all players kindly signed.  Also we purchased a “hairy bikers ” book which Simon and Dave kindly signed. We also got in touch with “Lumley Castle Hotel”  and they donated a Medieval Banquet meal for 2.  These 3 prizes were all raffled in store. We also managed to get two more Asda stores involved to bag pack for customers. Unfortunately,in July Sue’s dad was diagnosed with cancer so we had to cancel bag packing in these stores.
 Sadly, Sue’s dad passed away on 10 August 2012 and was buried on 17 August.  We travelled down to Wales for our trek on 19 August.  Next year  we will do this again ,and our inspiration  will be Sue’s dad,  Norman.  We managed to raise £1526.56 lets hope next year we can raise more. We would urge anyone to give this trek at least one try… a great day out with “the Alarm Family “
Love Hope and Strength – Nigel, Sue and Becca Adams