Quilt for LHS

Almost 30 years ago on May 15, 1986 at The Variety Theater in Cleveland, Ohio, I first heard “Take this song of freedom, put it on and arm yourself for the fight. Our hearts must have the courage to keep on marching on and on”! It had a huge impact on my life. 30 years later A Breed Apart is my anthem! This quilt is my way of saying thank you and giving back the biggest way I know how. It is in memory of those who have gone on including my dad and Travis, a kindred spirit and in honor of those still fighting the fight!


The quilt is made from 209 hand stenciled squares that I cut the stencils for. The center square is signed by Mike! The border has 4 red silk embroidered poppies from handspun silk yarn and the dragons on the flag are outlined in black silk thread. The border will have the lyrics to Walk Forever By Your Side in Welsh and English. It is by far the biggest project I have ever done, but as the lyrics go “Always aim high”! I have set a goal of £10,541 because it was the number of days since I first saw the Alarm just as Mike has a goal for the number of steps between the 3 hospitals! LHS

For every £5 donated at www.justgiving.com/lhsquilts, you can have a chance to win the quilt.

LHS Quilt