Reusable Love Hope Strength Face Masks

Health experts say that masks can help prevent the spread of COVID-19. By wearing a mask, you protect others. By wearing a Love Hope Strength mask you will also be helping to save and change lives, because all profits – £9 out of the £9.99 charge per mask – goes to support Love Hope Strength grants for cancer centres and cancer support projects.

Product Description

Three-layer reusable face covering featuring a cotton poplin top layer in a choice of two Love Hope Strength designs, printed in the UK. Cotton/poly-cotton middle and base layer materials are up-cycled from cut-offs from the UK scrub-making initiative. The face covering is secured with soft, flat elastic adjustable bands.

Two top layer colour options are offered, both featuring the Love Hope Strength emblem. One has the emblem in white on a khaki background (with a black edge trim), the other has the emblem in khaki on a faded black background (no edge trim).

The base layer will be in a random rainbow colour allowing for personal identification. The inner layers provide a pocket for an optional filter (not included). The design has a channel for a chenille-covered fine wire which allows shaping over the nose which can help reduce fogging when you are wearing glasses; this can be removed for washing if required.

Two sizes are available; medium (more suitable for teens and women) and large (more suitable for men). The covering is not suitable for children under twelve years of age due to size and the use of small parts (elastic adjusters).

Two options for the elastic are available, one with loops behind each ear and one with full bands around the back of the head. Both options include adjusters to change the length of the elastic.

Please note that this face covering is not intended to be an item of PPE but is suggested for use in environments where social distancing is difficult to maintain. If necessary, please consult a health professional before wearing this item.

Note that, for hygiene reasons, we cannot accept returns on this item. Note you can find more information about wearing face masks here:



Medium approx. W 26cm x H 14cm (approx. W 10” x H 5.5”)
Large approx. W 28cm x H 16cm (approx. W 11” x H 6.3”)

Product Care

The face covering has been made in a home sewing studio. We recommend washing before first use – as well as after each subsequent use. The recommended method is hand washing in hot water with a soapy detergent. Allow to soak for 30 minutes, then agitate thoroughly before rinsing and allow to air dry before ironing. Full care instructions are included with your order.


Please note that the face coverings are a bespoke design and are being made to order in a limited production run. Therefore, delivery may take a few days from when you place your order.

Love Hope Strength

At least £9 of every full price (£9.99) face mask will go directly to support Love Hope Strength’s grant programmes:

  1. Support for UK and USA Cancer Centres, to help fund medical equipment, new facilities and special patient projects devised and managed by frontline clinical teams.
  2. Support for Cancer Centres in under privileged areas across the globe, to help fund medical equipment, new facilities and special patient projects devised and managed by frontline clinical teams
  3. Fund the Get On The List programme to register potential blood stem cell donors in partnership with the international Blood Cancer non-profit organisation, DKMS

Julie Dutton

This face covering has been designed and made by Julie Dutton who has contributed to a number of Love Hope Strength fundraising activities in recent years.  Julie works full time as a bridal wear designer and dressmaker but since March 2020 has offered her professional sewing skills to the national drive for scrubs for health professionals and care workers in the UK.  Julie has volunteered to make these face coverings, giving her time for free, to further contribute to fundraising for LHS. Each Face mask takes Julie approximately 40 minutes to make; they really are lovingly made!