Send a Love Hope Strength Gift Card to your loved one or to someone you want to say ‘thank you’ to in lieu of flowers, chocolates or other presents.

Who doesn’t want to be given Love Hope and Strength for Christmas or for their birthday, or just as a thank you gift? Many families who are searching for a life-saving blood stem cell donor match and people with a cancer diagnosis both here in the UK and in underprivileged communities abroad certainly need some love, hope and strength. Here’s how you can help them.

You can donate to the Love Hope Strength Foundation in the name of a loved one. Your donation will support Love Hope Strength’s blood stem cell donor registration programme, ‘Get On The List’, and British and International cancer care projects. By giving your loved ones or those you want to thank the gift of Love Hope and Strength, you’ll be giving the gift of hope to someone who really needs it.


Your gift will help fund the cost of registering potentially lifesaving blood stem cell donors: it costs £40 for just one potential blood stem cell donor to be registered. In addition, your gift will fund new and important equipment and facilities in cancer care units here in the UK and in parts of Africa and Asia. All grants given through Love Hope Strength in the UK go directly to NHS Charities and associated organisations and all grants for hospitals and institutions overseas will be closely monitored to guarantee the support is overseen by frontline healthcare professionals and that your support benefits those who are most in need.

The person you’re giving your gift to will receive a special gift card explaining more about their gift of Love Hope Strength and a Love Hope Strength magnet.

See below for details:-

What do you have to do?

  1. Complete the below details
  2. Give your donation at: Just Giving
  3. Wait just three days (postal service permitting) for you or your loved one to receive your Gift Card

Important information to note:

  1. When completing the below note that your gift recipient’s name, your name and the amount of your donation will be included on the card before you / they receive it so make sure you include these names as you’d like them to be seen on the card
  2. If you’d like to order a number of gift cards, please complete the below information submission multiple times. You can then give the donation for all of your gift cards in one payment at Just Giving
  3. Please note that if you wish for the gift card to be sent to directly to the person you are giving it to, that person will receive an envelope with the card and the magnet inside it. You are able to include a message on the envelope (for example, Do not open until Christmas / Your birthday / With love from XXX to say thank you for XXX etc). If you request for the gift card to be sent to your address (so you can give it in person / on a specific date) you will receive an envelope with the card, the card’s envelope and the magnet inside it.
  4. Gift cards cannot be sent outside of the UK (should you wish for a card to go abroad, please send it to your address)
  5. If you would prefer for your recipient to receive an electronic gift card, please do not complete the below information. Please send an email to or contact Kirsty on 07779165404
  6. If you would like your gift card to arrive in time for Christmas, please complete the below and transfer your donation no later than 17th December