The Great Splash

Early one cold, January morning, many moons ago (and I’m talking time, not that picture), a group of fun loving (and probably hung-over) individuals, proudly known as that “Distant Warning bunch”, decided to take a dip in the Irish sea.  This took place at Mike Peters’ (The Alarm) Gathering weekend in Llandudno. We all have a blast there every year listening to some great music and meeting up with some wonderful friends, and thought this would be a great way to give something back.  We swam, we shook a few buckets at passers by and raised some funds which were happily donated to a local charity.

Now almost 10 years later, having had time to defrost, get the feeling back in our toes and out of pure madness, we figure its time to give it another go. The friendships have grown stronger, the members increased and the name changed once or twice, but in the same spirit as before, The Wasting Land Crew are having another charity swim.

Saturday 26th  January 2013 at 10 am as part of the Gathering 21 weekend celebrations, will see a group of around 20 individuals make the small trek from Pontins Prestatyn to the nearby beach to plunge in various depths into the Irish sea … providing its not frozen over!!

LHS has touched us all over the years and in honour of the great work they do we’d like to raise a few pennies for the coffers. So please consider sponsoring us, no matter how big or small, your donation will make a difference.  You can donate here on-line via our just giving link or in one of the buckets we will have at the Gathering.

We are raising money as a group, but if you are sponsoring an individual friend, then please just mention them in your just giving message and we will ensure that they know and say thanks.

Swimmers taking part are: Jo, Tony, Kim, Bev, Sarah I, Karen, Katrina, Jackie, Pauline, Adrian, Rue, Liz, Skinny, Gol, Tim, Nikki, Lily, Ian, Shirl Sara W, Andi, Claire, David, Soda and Mark.

Please support them and donate a few pennies.