World Cancer Day 2022

Love Hope Strength co-founders’ five year pledge for World Cancer Day

A message from Mike and Jules Peters for World Cancer Day, 2022:

On this World Cancer Day, a day that’s marked across the globe with the aim of raising worldwide awareness, improving education and catalysing collective and government action to help prevent cancer deaths and improve access to cancer care, we would like to announce our five year plan for a series of events and activities which aim to help reduce the equity gap in access to cancer education, care and treatment.

We plan to hold wellbeing experiences, develop support programmes and organise treks to help share information, encourage learning and raise money.

Last year Mike raced against Mo Farah and other sportspeople and celebrities as part of the World Cancer Day Virtual Solidarity Challenge. This year we thought we have decided to make a pledge to take action not just for a day, but to help mobilise support over five years.

Since we established Love Hope Strength, we’ve seen incredible advancements in cancer prevention, diagnosis and treatment. But there continues to be barriers for people to access the care they need, not just in low-and middle-income countries, but here where we live in Wales too.

We’ve always used our connections within the music industry to power change for people with cancer, but now we find ourselves able to use our links with others in the cancer community to make a lasting difference. Over the past few years, when we’re not touring or making new music, Jules has linked up with others to set up a up a support group for ladies with a breast cancer diagnosis, we’ve renovated a Chapel in Dyserth and we’re developing another property. Over the next five years we plan to build on the support programme that Jules has begun to establish, and we’re looking to use the new premises for both fun and informative purposes: retreats and for group experiences for families affected by cancer and for healthcare activists who want to learn from each other.

We know that at least one third of common cancers are preventable, and we know that despite the developments in diagnosis and treatment, 10 million people die from cancer every year.70% of cancer deaths occur in low-to-middle income countries. Let’s see what we, and all those uniting to reduce inequity this World Cancer Day, can achieve to change these terrifying statistics over the next five years.

Here’s how you can get involved:
Take part in one of Love Hope Strength’s new or rescheduled events:

  • The Love Hope Strength Beach Hike, 21st May, 2022 CLICK HERE
  • Sahara Rocks, Sahara Rocks, 8th – 14th November, 2022 CLICK HERE
  • Snowdon Rocks Weekender, 16th– 18th June, 2023 CLICK HERE

Money raised will continue to help fund equipment in hospitals in the UK, USA and Africa and fund a fellowship programme delivered through the Union for International Cancer Control to facilitate the exchange of knowledge, expertise and t skills in cancer prevention, early detection, treatment and palliative care.

Nominate yourself or someone you know who has been affected by cancer or grief for a Love Hope Strength Retreat :Treat Break CLICK HERE
Nominate a hospital or cancer support service in the UK which you feel deserves to benefit from a Love Hope Strength grant to help fund additional equipment or special projects CLICK HERE
Volunteer with Love Hope Strength CLICK HERE
Take on your own 21 Day Challenge CLICK HERE

Cancer is the second-leading cause of death worldwide, and it doesn’t have to be. We hope you’ll join with us, and millions of others around the world, to play a part in helping prevent cancer deaths and reducing the equity gap in access to cancer education, care and treatment.

Love, hope and strength,

Mike and Jules Peters x